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U.S. District Judge

“The other thing that I note, I have to tell you, you’re – you’re a really good advocate. Your phrasing of evidence is – and I mean this seriously, is impressive.”

U.S. District Judge, Eastern District of California, from record transcript of hearing on summary judgment.

Peter L.

“Attorney David Helbraun represented me in my civil lawsuit, and was able to successfully negotiate a settlement. I was impressed with the professionalism and easy to follow process in achieving this very satisfactory outcome. I would strongly recommend Mr. Helbraun to anyone needing a good civil attorney.”

Mary C.

“David Helbraun has provided me extraordinary legal services with his knowledge, communication skills, and flexibility. He covers all the bases (in a complicated case) on a timely basis. I highly recommend the services of this very competent and caring man.”

E. Eastman

“David Helbraun assisted me with a challenging personal situation when I was threatened with a lawsuit. He was considerate and compassionate and was able to facilitate keeping the matter out of court. I would highly recommend his legal practice.”

Barbra F.

“I give Mr. Heilbron 5 stars. He is an excellent attorney and can handle complex litigation. He successfully handled a very complicated malpractice case for us to conclusion.”

Tamsyn W.

“As a couple of other reviews have suggested, David Helbraun is a great person who’s also a great lawyer. I have been a client since 2015. In multiple cases of differing levels of complexity, Mr. Helbraun has shown himself to be a dedicated advocate who approaches his work from a clear ethical basis. He communicates clearly, pairs his advice with an explanation of his reasoning, and takes my feedback into consideration. On occasion he has changed his approach to an aspect of a case after discussing it with me, and he always makes me feel that we’re a team.”

Pat P.

“David served my case for several years and was the best lawyer I’ve ever talked to or worked with. His work was incredible and a key part of beating down a professional litigant with a long history of cheating people and getting away with it, who ended up judged guilty of fraud. David was on top of the dirty games every step of the way with attention to detail most lawyers don’t provide. The cost was earned, you will benefit from great bang for the buck if you hire.”

Pat L.

“David is the most dedicated attorney I’ve ever met, and I’ve seen it all from the worst breed of crook to longstanding veterans that other lawyers love. You can’t ask for someone more tuned in to what the case is, and how to negotiate murky proceedings with clear, concise, caring advice. Aggressive action can be costly but David has the power when it counts, moderating it for cost effectiveness and client needs to get all the bang for the buck. You won’t find a more fairly priced expert attorney who fights harder for his clients. Out of all attorneys I’ve ever met David gets the highest rating.”

John J.

“I contacted David Helbraun after discovering him on Yelp. I’m a writer and one of my copyrighted books had been hijacked, scanned and was being sold by an unscrupulous website, and I needed to know what to do. Mr. Helbraun gave (note, gave) me almost 15 minutes of his time and gave me excellent counsel. I wanted to pay him but he refused payment for what was, in effect, a preliminary discussion. This was generous and professional, and his manner was direct, candid and fundamentally friendly. I would turn to him in any equivalent situation, not only because of his thoughtful response but especially because of his stated interest in supporting creative people. Basically, he gets a big ‘thumbs-up’ from me (note: five stars).”

Tamsyn W.

“Construction defects resulted in catastrophic flooding and extensive damage to my home. Demolition, reconstruction, and remediation of the pre-existing, undisclosed defects reached six figures before I’d even caught my breath.

David Helbraun was recommended to me by a lawyer friend. David put in a lot of hours and made them all count. He handled negotiations with multiple parties, untangled the home’s permitting and construction history, and coordinated with the contractor I had hired to rebuild, while keeping me up to date on everything.

The matter stretched on for over a year, but in the end David negotiated a settlement that recovered nearly all of my losses, and his fees to boot. I came away whole, much wiser, and very grateful.”

-Robert D.

“Naturally I would have preferred not to need to hire an attorney, but I did, and I’m glad a friend (also an attorney) recommended David.

David displayed just the right amount of personality and clear professionalism in person at our first meeting, and then throughout the process. And, at a couple of junctures, he succeeded despite my initial skepticism.

Definitely recommended as an attorney, and, I’d say, an interesting and good guy overall.”

-Wendy B.

“”David handled a police brutality case for me and my family.
We were told the police never settle. Well, after a broken arm and what can only be construed as a mad man undercover cop, we came away with a hefty six figure settlement. David did a great job and was a professional all the way. Highly recommended!”

Brent O.

“If you are looking for a Lawyer for civil litigation, then look no further! David Helbraun handled a Police Brutality case that wasn’t in my favor for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Police Brutality is an emotional and heavy burden to carry alone and there wasn’t much support for me in the city or my college against this type of incident. I found David via his partner who doesn’t handle these types of cases but highly recommended David Helbraun who does handle these civil types of cases. Well, thoroughly impressed as I was, David professionally guided me through my litigation process every step of the way and in two years, justice and closure was granted and received as we won our case against the prior incident that left me with bruised kidneys, emotional scars, blood in my urine, lost wages, and bruised muscles for weeks after this case of mistaken identity. In the end it turned out for me I was in the right place at the right time and gained a powerful friend out of it all.”

Faren G.

“After months of trying to figure out the correct way to copyright my graphic arts by myself with online searching and talking to as many people as I could…I became discouraged and desperate to find someone that specialized in what I was looking for…of all things, Copyright is something I didn’t want to go wrong in my business. I searched yelp for someone that specialized in this area…not just knew about it. I read the only 3 reviews that were here but was already convinced that this was my go-to guy 😉

David responded to my email immediately and was delighted to offer me a free consultation…I drove 45 minutes to meet as his office! Parking was simple (even though I hate driving in the city) I parked in the parking garage 50 feet away from his office building! It was the well worth the drive.

David was informative, knowledgeable and genuinely wanted to help me. These are the type of people I LOVE working with…because whats a career if you hate doing it? I can tell David took pride in his job and above all else, loved helping people. I’m thankful David took time out of his schedule to help a lil ‘ol business like mine =) I walked away with 10x more knowledge in protecting myself and my art.
I look forward to working with him again as I build up my business into the multi-million dollar company it WILL BE ;)”

Andrew K.

“Mr. Helbraun represented our firm in a contentious, time consuming matter which required patience, focus and a thorough understanding of the underlying case and the law related thereto. We could not be more impressed with David’s professionalism, availability and demonstrated expertise. Strongest possible recommendation.”

Jamie C.

“I found Mr. Helbraun through the California Lawyer for The Arts association. He consulted me on an trademark issue. I found him to be both personable and professional. He answered all my questions and gave what I believe to be very sound and honest advice. He was generous with his time and patient to explain details of trademarking and it’s process. I felt I went away with a better understanding of my legal rights and what to do next in my position. He even advised me NOT to hire him to represent my case because of the parameters of my situation. I felt that was very honest business on his part. I believe if my company should need assistance with issues of trademark, copyright or similar civil issues I would return for his services and suggest him as a strong reference to other creative professionals.”

Anthony S.

“There was a copyright infringement issue I had to go through awhile back at my place of business and it was very stressful. Imagine going to work and you open an envelope stating that you owe $100,000… Seriously?!?!

I searched around for a good lawyer and a friend recommended me to David Helbraun. She had used him for a case similiar to mine so i decided to give him a ring. After I sat down with him and discussed the issue I knew right off the back I was in good hands. David assured me that he would be on top of it and he sure was. I have a very busy schedule with work and he was very patient with me. He is great with emails and he kept me up to date on what was going on so that I didn’t have to call him 20 times a day. All in all David got the situation taken care of fast and very cost efficiently. I will definitely recommend him to other people… It is very hard to meet a good lawyer where you feel like they actually care about your case… David does”

Jimmy M.

“I recently sold an entertainment company, and was in the unfortunate situation afterwards of being served financial papers from a collection agency, after I had initially assumed the completed sale of the business. After learning I needed a highly assertive and attentive litigator, I was highly recommended to Mr. David Helbraun, of Helbraun Law Firm.

When I initially met with Mr. Helbraun about my legal matter, I was instantly impressed. I retained Mr. Helbraun and his firm, and found Mr. Helbraun to be the ideal attorney to manage my legal matter. His respectable and swift approach towards my issue resulted in alleviating me from any and all future legal pursuits. He negotiated my situation out of court and simultaneously initiated the foundation for a long-term business relationship. Mr. Helbraun is highly knowledgeable, direct, and impeccable in having compassion and integrity for my legal issues.

Today, I continue to seek council with Mr. Helbraun and highly respect and value his candor and professional services. He is a strong force and bulletproof in producing excellent results.

I recommend Mr. David Helbraun unequivocally.”

Coral V.

“I had a construction dispute that was very upsetting. I was so mad I really could not think clearly.

David listened to my story,stopped me from commiting perjury in the heat of the moment, stopped me from spending $15,000 on a lawsuit over a $5000 dispute,and then wrote one letter that took care of the whole issue.

He is an excellent attorney, calm, incisive and practical.

I wish all my professional experiences were this good!”

Stipe C.

“If you are looking for a lawyer who will fight for you until the end, and never give up on you, then Helbraun law firm are the ones to represent you. I had the honor of getting to know Mr. Helbraun, while he worked on my case. Let me tell you, he is a person who genuinely cares for his clients and believes in them. He invovled me every step of the way and explained everything to me in a way I could understand, which was not an easy task due to my injuries. He is straight forward, explains what he will do and why, and never makes a final decision without your approval. I can’t put it in words how grateful I am for having him as my lawyer. He helped me get justice, and finally feel a sense of peace about my whole situation. Even now that my case is over, he’s going out of his way to help me. Truly a GREAT person.”

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